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I’d above all recommend staying up late for “Hatchet Lady” (Sat 10:30 PM), Savannah Reich’s funny, punky, wild, yet sly play about a biographer having a breakdown as she tries to finish her book on bar-busting temperance fanatic Carrie Nation. Directed by Olivia Lilley for Runaways Lab Theatre, the show features a band, dancing angels, interviews with the dead, Carly Wicks running from roaring to nearly comatose as both Nation and the biographer, and the quietly hilarious Jasmine Henri Jordan as a publisher’s intern.

Review of Rhinofest, Tony Adler, Chicago Reader


“Young Minneapolis playwright Savannah Reich produces some of the funniest, smartest, most profound shows in the Twin Cities…”

Weekend Picks, Jahna Peloquin, Vita.MN


“You Don’t Have to Choose… is Johns and Reich at their best. It’s very funny, it’s truly touching, and the contrapuntal relationships are navigated with great confidence and intelligence. I’m sure some people question my credibility for so lavishly praising everything Johns and Reich do, but if You Don’t Have to Choose… doesn’t make you think, make you feel, and make you laugh, then you and I are looking for fundamentally different things in theater and, probably, life.”

New Comedy is No Joke, Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


“The cumulative effect is ecstatic and wrenching, a phantasmagoria of desire distilled to unnerving honesty.”

Dali’s Liquid Ladies, Carl Atiya Swanson, Cake in 15


“Dalí’s Liquid Ladies took a strong premise—a look behind the scenes at the surrealistic pavilion Salvador Dalí (played by an inspired Jon Mac Cole) built for the 1939 World’s Fair—and pushed it into further realms, and then into realms further still. In its short running time, the show sketched the connections and tensions between fear and desire, between freedom and restraint, and between the real and the surreal. More than just demonstrating why Dalí’s ideas were so powerful, the show was also—like Dalí himself—funny, erotic, and deeply strange.”

Top Ten Productions of 2009, Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet.


“Ace playwright Savannah Reich’s strong blend of wit, grit and scathing comment spares no sacred cows.”

You’re No Fun, Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet.


Film News:

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Student to Receive Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize- Tribeca Film Institute

“Before Cousteau”- guest blog at at Huffington Post by Savannah Reich


An interview with Barbara Jwanouskos about “Six Monsters; A Seven Monster Play” on the San Francisco Theater Pub blog.

An interview with Michelle Embree about “Toby Johnson Was My Best Friend In Junior High” on her blog.






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