Sperms to Worms: 12 Hours.



Sperms to Worms was an ambitious community art project that a loose group of Pittsburgh-based artists created together in the spring of 2013. The event lasted from noon to midnight, and each hour was designed by a new artist or team of artists to represent a different point in the human life. Noon to one was birth, one o clock was 0-3, two o clock was 4-5, and so on all the way to turning 75 at 11 pm and dying at midnight.

The original instigators were myself and Caleb Gamble, but it expanded to include dozens of Pittsburgh based artists, as well as Samantha Johns, George McConnell, and Flora Mahaffy, who travelled to Pittsburgh to create their hours.



Caleb Gamble.



Audience members.



Sarah Grubb, Ben Grubb.


Marcin Jaroszewicz.



Lindsey Griffith.



Flora Mahaffy, Etta Cetera.



Sam O’Dellick + friend



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