Theater Vertigo; photo by Sleeper Studios


The Ghost lived in the woods, Minding Her Own Business and definitely Not Haunting Anyone, until one day she saw a Pretty Girl and followed her home. It totally wasn’t even a thing. The Girl was probably not even going to notice.

A comedy about ruining the lives of the people you love.


Baltimore Annex Theatre.


Written by Savannah Reich, Stupid Ghost is a prickly play that demands a cast capable of finding moments of deadpan wit within an unsettling tale of isolation, stalking and child abuse. It’s a challenge that director Devon Roberts and Vertigo ensemble members meet with the appropriate guts, grace and goofiness, creating a production that is as delightful as it is spooky.

-Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Theatre Vertigo’s Stupid Ghost is an Ingeniuous Supernatural Comedy, Willamette Week.


Charming and laced surprisingly with heart, this witty neo-surrealistic play feeds the audience a dose of humor, with profoundly enlightening considerations to keep in mind.

-Amanda N. Gunther, Stupid Ghost at Annex Theater, Theater Bloom



Workshop production- Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, October 2014. Directed by Ben Gansky.

San Francisco Theater Pub, September 2016. Directed by Claire Rice.

Baltimore Annex Theater, September 2016. Directed by Carly Bales.

Vertigo Theater, Portland OR, January 2020. Directed by Devon Roberts.



Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.


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