Caveman Play

Savannah Reich, Douglas Vento, Jon Cole


Rocky and Dandelion are the first Cave-people to adopt agriculture. Douglas is the first domesticated animal. Together, they have prepared a presentation for you, the other Cave-people, to tell you all about the joys of agriculture. Agriculture is really great. You’re going to love it.

A new play in which we are given an opportunity to go back to the moment when humanity had a choice. One path led us towards global warming, institutionalized racism, and snapchat filters. The other path led mostly to being eaten by tigers. Is it time to admit that we chose wrong?

FaultLine Theater production; Photo by Taylor Steinbeck


Production History:

-Workshop at the Playwrights Center, June 2017.

-Original production by Eternal Cult, Sept 2017. Full production video here.

-FaultLine Theater at Z Below, July 2019, San Francisco CA.

-Exponential Festival in Brooklyn, directed by Alex Tobey, Jan 2020.


Amitis Roussoukh, Cole Ferriaulo, Conrad Cheeks


From American Theatre Magazine:

Exponential had a number of shows which delved into political questions, but with a more comedic approach. For Savannah Reich’s Caveman Play (Exponential), we were to imagine we were hunter-gatherers considering for the first time whether we wanted to give up that life for a new way of living called “agriculture.” Via a kind of PowerPoint presentation, arguments were presented for and against staying put to domesticate animals, plants, and ourselves. The joke of the play was that we know all what will actually happen to the world, and this is a kind of magical thinking—that we have the power to change the fate of the world if only we could go back in time and vote against agriculture. But it was the keyboardist dressed in a tiger onesie that hooked me.

Where Have All the Festivals Gone? A January Wrap Up by Nicole Serratore


Ben Pagano, Remy Germinario (Exponential Festival)