Fanciness Vs. The Void

3w, 2m.



Finn, Valentine and Louie float aimlessly through the ocean on a home-made shanty boat. They cannot go back to land; they cannot steer; they do not want to talk about it. When the mysterious Dog-Man shows up, it seems like a good excuse to open up the last can of peaches in heavy syrup and have a party.




Production History:

The Catfish, July 2010, Minneapolis MN. Directed by Samantha Johns.

Directed and produced by Jiana Estes, Chicago IL, May 2016.


Cat Fish Pits Fanciness Vs. The Void by Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet

“If you care about theater because you actually care about what happens on stage, and why it happens, then Fanciness vs. the Void—whatever you think about it—will feel like a hit of pure oxygen.”




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