The RMS Duchess of York

Carly Wicks
Carly Wicks


A collaboratively created immersive show that took the audience on board a cruise ship built inside our studio.

Created by Christopher Allen, Savannah Reich, Kait Sergenian, Nick Stocks and Carly Wicks.

At the Paper Moose Jumpsuit and Co.


“RMS Duchess of York” Cruises into Paper Moose by Sheila Regan, City Pages.

“The Paper Moose was started as an art and performance space last summer, and has evolved into a venue where local and visiting groups can present innovative and radical new works of theater, performance art, and dance, as well as other miscellaneous happenings”.


“RMS Duchess of York” Sails Dark but Happy Seas by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet.

A sort of museum of wonders…”

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