Toby Johnson Was My Best Friend in Junior High

A dinner party ritual.


(Photo of cast and audience at Cloud City, Brooklyn)


Created in collaboration with Jon Cole and Lauren Anderson, this show toured the East Coast and Midwest for a month in November 2015, and returned to Minneapolis and Chicago for week long runs in the summer and fall of 2016. Maybe we’ll do it again some time.



(Tristan Tzara and the Radio Journalist at Channer Manor, Mpls MN)


This is a show in which we come to your house, cook dinner for you and 10-24 of your friends, and lead you through a ritual concerning Tristan Tzara, dead sardines, and the nature of community.

Friend and audience member Michelle Embree interviewed Savannah about the process after hosting the show in St Louis: check it out here.




(Second to last day of month long tour, St Louis, MO, with Lucy)