Rabbit: An Original Rabbit Tragedy

Jon Cole, Savannah Reich


What does it mean to fail deeply and totally at every goal you’ve ever had? How can we keep going after terrible things happen? Why can’t we just get what we want? With the help of an opera singing Greek chorus, “Rabbit” follows a modern tragic hero, a cottontail rabbit named Jonathan, as he struggles against a run of very bad luck. After he is snatched away from his wife and family by a giant hawk, his odyssey to return home is a near constant struggle against forces both natural and supernatural. Is it fate? Is it a path? Is there meaning? Or is all of it just a bunch of random crappiness raining down upon him? Upon us all?


The cast warms up.


September 2012 – Bedlam Theater, Minneapolis, MN. October 2012 – touring the east coast, with shows in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Asheville NC, Kansas City MO, and more.

Written by Jon Mac Cole and Savannah Reich. Directed by Jon Mac Cole, Savannah Reich and Christopher Allen. Original music by Anna Young. Set design and construction by Emma Alamo. Costume design by Patrick Costello and Flora Mahaffy.

Starring: Jon Mac Cole, Patrick Costello, Flora Mahaffy, James Jordan, Savannah Reich, and Anna Young.



“Rabbit”– The Eponymous Theatre Critic

“Besides great writing, the show boasts all the ingenuity of a indie band music video with the cast transforming themselves in simple but effective homemade costumes.”


“Weekend Picks” – Jahna Peloquin, Vita.MN

“Young Minneapolis playwright Savannah Reich produces some of the funniest, smartest, most profound shows in the Twin Cities, typically at offbeat locations like the old Bedlam Theater.”

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