1348, Avignon, France: a third of the population has been wiped out by the Bubonic Plague. The other two thirds is extremely freaked out. Part reality television, part psychedelic fever dream, this is a play about humans and the way we deal with real, actual tragedy: totally inadequately, and like assholes.


Directed by the author for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sept 2018.

Directed by Ashley Hollingshead for Rhinofest, Chicago IL, Jan 2019.

Oregon Children’s Theatre, Portland, OR, October 2022.

Pink Cactus Collective for the Camden Fringe Festival, London, UK, August 2023 (upcoming).

Sterling Melcher, Gina Murdock, Irina Varina


But the overall scope of the production, mixing live original music and video projections with a sizeable cast for a Fringe show at the Fringiest of venues (which, frankly, looks ready to burn down any minute), was impressive. Reich’s script works best when it implies bigger questions about who’s responsible for mass tragedies and how we quantify them and cope. The next time we get into a Facebook argument about the death of our democracy, we can probably relate to Raoul’s lament: “The worst thing about the plague is this conversation”.

-Alaina Johns, Broad Street Review

Kyle Jackson