You’re No Fun

Kat Wodtke


A musical about a doomed romance between a performance artist and a train-hopping crusty punk.

Bedlam Theater, Minneapolis MN, April 2008. Directed by Samantha Johns, with original music by Phil Bratnober.

Remounted by the Bedlam Theater at the Minnesota Fringe festival in August 2008.



Featuring Jasmine Rush, Katie Hartmann, Megan Koester, Ariel Donahoe and Kat Wodke.




“This postmodern musical is packed with laughs.”

-Christy DeSmith,


“Bedlam’s trademark is theatre of the absurd like nobody’s business and You’re No Fun follows perfect suit.”

-Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet


Luc Parker and Kat Wodtke

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