The Llama Show



“You Don’t Have To Choose Between Llamas and Dancing and Being With the One You Love.” January 2012.

This show was co-created with director Samantha Johns for the New Comedy Festival, hosted by Jon Ferguson. Some text and all emotions borrowed from Step Up, Step Up 2 the Streets, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance and Footloose.

With a cast of thousands, featuring Mark Rehani as Mark and Alisa Mattsen as Alisa.


Extended video footage here.



“Since I started reviewing local theater five years ago, Johns, Reich, and their collaborators have produced some of the funniest, smartest, most touching, and just plain best shows I’ve seen.”

-New Comedy is No Joke, by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet.

“broke the boundaries of conventional theater…”

Top Ten Productions of 2012, by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet




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