2015 Carnegie-Mellon School of Drama MFA in Dramatic Writing.

2009 Nautilus Music Theater Composer-Librettist Workshop.

2008 University of Minnesota BA in Theater Arts.



– Core Apprentice at the Playwrights Center for 2016-17.

-New plays commissioned by Walking Shadow Theater company in 2016 and again in 2019.

-2015 Winner of the Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize, a national competition amongst the top six film schools with an award of $30,000 and mentorship by industry professionals.

-Both “Paradise Park Zoo” and “Stupid Ghost” appeared as Honorable Mentions on the Kilroys List in 2015 and 2016, respectively.



-Assistant Teaching Artist, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, 2017-18 school year.

-Guest Lecturer in Playwriting, University of the Arts (Philadelphia) and University of Minnesota (MN), 2018.

-Weekend Workshop in Playwriting, Community College of Aurora, CO, Spring 2016.

-Intro to Playwriting, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, Spring 2015.




University of Minnesota Rarig Thrust, Nov 2018. 


Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sept 2018.

RhinoFest in Chicago, Feb 2019.

Caveman Play

FaultLine Theater, San Francisco, July 2019.

Eternal Cult, Minneapolis MN and on tour, September 2017.

Art House Productions, Jersey City, Jan 2019.

Hatchet Lady

Dreamwell Theatre, Iowa City IO, March 2020 (upcoming).

Walking Shadow Theater Company, Minneapolis MN, December 2017.

Runaways Lab Theater, Chicago IL, February 2017.

Stupid Ghost

Vertigo Theater, Portland OR, January 2020 (upcoming).

San Francisco Theater Pub, San Francisco CA, September 2016.

Baltimore Annex Theater, Baltimore MD, September 2016.

Paradise Park Zoo

Available Light Theater, Columbus OH, May 2017.

Community College of Aurora, Aurora CO, March 2017.

Anam Cara Theater, Asheville NC, November 2015.

Der Vorfuhreffeckt Theater, Philadelphia PA, July 2014.

Six Monsters: A Seven Monster Play

All Terrain Theater, San Francisco CA, August 2015.

Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination, Pittsburgh PA, November 2014.

Fanciness Vs. The Void

Hot Kitchen, Chicago IL, May 2016

The Catfish, Minneapolis MN, July 2010

Dali’s Liquid Ladies

Truepenny Theater, Milwaukee WI, September 2016.

Box Wine Theater, Minneapolis MN, June 2011.

Bedlam Theater, Minneapolis MN, April 2009.